Coincidence Counter

Coincidence Counter

Qubitekk’s open source Coincidence Counter provides researchers with a low cost solution for flexible coincidence counting. The open source firmware and FPGA code allows users to reconfigure this device for a variety of applications. Open source code and manuals will soon be available online.




The QES1 is a plug-n-play, precision optical device for efficiently producing bi-photons and entangled photons from a pump beam. Used by itself, or in combination with other QES1 units, the QES1 is a flexible platform that significantly reduces alignment time and labor associated with source development for quantum sensing, quantum cryptography, and quantum computing applications. Available in two versions.


QES1 Lab Starter Kit Academia

Lab Starter Kit for Academia

The QES1 Lab Starter Kit especially for Academia allows entanglement to be easily demonstrated, tested, and utilized in a variety of experiments. Ideal for senior level undergraduate/ graduate labs in quantum mechanics, as well as industry labs new to this area, the QES1 Lab Starter Kit provides all of the critical hardware components needed to understand and harness quantum entanglement.

A Research Grade Kit is also available; please contact us for details.


QES1 Development Kit

QES1 Kit

The QES1 Development Kit is intended for engineers and scientists seeking a better understanding of quantum entanglement and its applications. The development kit includes two QES1 devices, as well as peripheral components needed to perform a number of basic experiments and measurements using entangled photons. This development kit can be used to demonstrate quantum entanglement (including the generation of all four Bell states), photon bunching, quantum non-local interference, as well as a number of other uniquely quantum properties. Also suitable for undergraduate and graduate level labs, the kit includes a manual illustrating several classical quantum experiments. Click here to request a quote.


Quantum Data Locking System with integrated QES1

Quantum Data locking system
The Quantum Data Locking System uses quantum cryptography to secure machine-to-machine communications over wired and wireless channels. Still under development, this technology is planned for beta-testing in late 2014 and 2015. Please check back for more details.