Coincidence Counter

Coincidence Counter

Qubitekk’s open source Coincidence Counter provides researchers with a low cost solution for flexible coincidence counting. The open source firmware and FPGA code allows users to reconfigure this device for a variety of applications. Open source code and manuals will soon be available online.


QES2 Bi-Photon Source


Containing a 15mm long, periodically-poled KTP crystal, the QES2 source is capable of producing approximately 10,000 photon-pairs/sec/mW of pump light. An internal temperature controller ensures that the crystal’s temperature is maintained to within +/-0.1 degrees C. This allows degenerate, non-degenerate signal, and idler photon production depending on crystal temperature.


QES2 Quantum Mechanics Lab Kit

Qubitekk’s  Quantum Mechanics Lab Kit gives you the tools to explore and more deeply understand quantum physics.
This kit includes all of the equipment and instructions needed to perform seven fundamental experiments in quantum mechanics. Based on Qubitekk’s zero alignment quantum sources and fiber optic components, these experiments can be set up quickly and completed within a traditional 2-3 hour lab period. A detailed lab handbook, written at the senior undergraduate level (for physics and engineering), is included to provide a self-guided tour to the amazing phenomena of quantum physics.


Quantum Data Locking System with integrated QES2

Quantum Data locking system
The Quantum Data Locking System uses quantum cryptography to secure machine-to-machine communications over wired and wireless channels. Still under development, this technology is currently in its beta-testing stage.