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Quantum Mechanics Lab Kit

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Qubitekk’s Quantum Mechanics Lab Kit gives you the tools to explore and more deeply understand quantum physics. Suitable for both classroom instruction and R&D, this kit includes all the equipment and instructions needed to perform six fundamental experiments in quantum mechanics. Based on Qubitekk’s zero alignment quantum sources and fiber optic components, these experiments can be set up quickly and each completed within a traditional 2-3 hour lab period. A detailed lab handbook, written at the senior undergraduate level (for physics and engineering), is included to provide a self-guided tour to the amazing phenomena of quantum physics.

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    SKU: QBTK005
    • Bi-Photon Source with integrated Laser (Type II down conversion 405>810nm)
    • Liquid crystal retarder and controller for phase stability and tuning
    • QTY 2 high-quality low noise single photon counting modules
    • Electronic Coincidence Counter
    • A variety of optical components and accessories

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