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Qubitekk Entangled Photon Source with Integrated Laser

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Entangled photon sources are critical to the demonstration and application of many quantum phenomena. Qubitekk’s general-purpose, polarization entangled photon source allows users to spend more time using their entangled photons, and less time constructing and maintaining their source. Qubitekk’s post-selected entanglement source utilizes a bi-photon source connected to an external, removable, non-polarizing beamsplitter to produce post-selected, polarization entangled photons. A useful tool for R&D and product development, Qubitekk’s source is designed to be a rugged, compact, stable, and easy-to-use component for both academic, R&D, and industrial applications.

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    SKU: QBTK001
    • Integrated, continuous-wave 15mW single frequency pump laser at 405nm
    • Internal 15mm PPKTP and 7.5mm KTP compensating crystal for Type II down-conversion around 810nm
    • Precision control of internal crystal temperature (user adjustable)
    • Polarization-maintaining fiber on source output for easy integration with fiber optic solutions
    • >10,000 photon pairs/mW/s source brightness
    • Does not need alignment
    • USB communication allows tuning of output wavelength and brightness

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