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QKD Demonstrator for Research

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Quantum Key DataLoc™ Server 810nm – Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) represents one of the first real-world applications of quantum entanglement and quantum theory. Today, there is much interest among Academia and industry to further study and expand this technology. To help demonstrate the protocols and measurement methods involved in QKD, Qubitekk has created the QKD Demonstrator. The QKD Demonstrator is a flexible QKD platform that can be used to demonstrate polarization entangled QKD and/or to reconfigure to explore new quantum cryptography implementations. User control and monitoring of the system is provided via a USB port. An RS232 serial output provides access to any key material generated. The QKD Demonstrator utilized special polarization maintaining optical fibers and is limited to a transmission distances of less than 1 km.

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    SKU: QBTK003
    • Embedded polarization-entangled photon source
    • Automatic fiber polarization stabilization
    • Nanosecond timing precision
    • Easy connection to fiber optic equipment
    • USB port for user control, automation, and integration with 3rd party devices

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