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Qubitekk Quantum Network Essentials Platform

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Ready to explore quantum networking with a fully integrated system including sources, polarization control and detectors? Or are you working to determine your next step in building either your own quantum network or your own quantum protected network for security?

Qubitekk’s Quantum Network Essentials Platform is a flexible hardware solution that can quickly help you get to the next step. Programmed through software and a graphical user interface, you can explore various applications of quantum networks (including quantum sensing and cryptography) at the push of a button. A comprehensive User Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure the platform’s “essential” quantum networking components to implement and demonstrate various quantum solutions.

User control, monitoring of the system, and data collection is provided via a USB port. For security applications, an RS232 serial output provides access to any key material generated. The Qubitekk Quantum Network Essentials Platform is available in a variety of wavelengths suitable for different optical fibers and transmission distances ranging from 1 to 20 km.

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    SKU: QBTK003
    Tags: QKD
    • Embedded polarization-entangled photon source
    • Automatic fiber polarization stabilization
    • Nanosecond timing precision
    • Easy connection to fiber optic equipment
    • USB port for user control, automation, and integration with 3rd party devices

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