Building Quantum Networks

Leading rise to the coming quantum-enabled internet


Optical components and systems for Quantum Networks, Quantum Security, and Quantum Information Science.


State-of-the-Art components for a variety of use cases in emerging quantum technology markets.

At Qubitekk, we’ve spent the last decade building and proving the tools and technology that will bring a whole new infrastructure to our cities, our country and our world. A quantum infrastructure that holds a new promise for advancements in every facet of our lives: healthcare, security, job creation, collaboration and more. An invisible springboard with the potential to propel us all into new ways of thinking, working, discovering and connecting with each other. Qubitekk is building the networks that will form the future quantum enabled internet.

Space Enterprise Consortium
QUIC Quantum Industry Consortium
National Spectrum Consortium
Gridwise Alliance
SDG&E Sempra Energy
US Department of Defense
Department of Energy
US Air Force

Qubitekk commercializes Quantum Networking Technology with a variety of products tailored to strengthen American leadership in quantum information science. Our mission is to provide solutions that support the emerging quantum-based industry.