The World’s First Entanglement Source for Quantum Computing Technology.

Future-Proof Quantum Cryptographic Technology

Quantum Technology to speed the Next Revolution in Computing and Communications

Qubitekk – Enabling the quantum revolution

For all computers have done to help us understand and improve our world, they are still very limited. Even with the fastest supercomputers, simulations of basic biological processes, for example, would take thousands of years. But what if there were computers that could process exponentially more information in far less time? Imagine a cure for cancer being developed in a matter of years, rather than decades. Or finding a sustainable solution to the world’s energy needs by creating an environmentally friendly fuel source. Or forever protecting our critical infrastructure, military, government, retailers, financial institutions and personal information from the growing threat of spying and cyber attack? Those are the promises of quantum technology.



While the power of quantum computers is vast the technology is extremely cost prohibitive, currently accessible only to nation states, government agencies and multi-billion dollar corporations. It is also highly focused. The few quantum computers that are in use are solving very specific problems, and only those problems.

The life-blood of nearly any quantum computer is the subatomic qubit particle. Like the copper circuits that conduct electricity between systems and components in classical computers, qubits do the same in quantum computers. Creating those qubits, however, is complex, cumbersome and expensive.

Qubitekk has developed the first “plug-and-play” quantum entanglement source, the QES1, a technology that will open the doors to engineers and developers to design and build quantum computers that solve many different problems, quickly and cost effectively.

Preparing for the Internet of Things 

Trusted communications over the Internet are possible because of public key cryptography developed in the 1980s. But technology is entering a new era: The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), or ‘Machine to Machine’ (M2M) communication.

By some estimates there will be 26 billion devices on the Internet by 2020, a development that brings with it numerous challenges, including those in security that traditional communication models have not yet addressed. At the same time, new quantum computers are becoming commercially available. Because they are thousands of times faster than today’s computers, quantum computers will ultimately render public key cryptography, which is based on decipherable algorithms, useless.

Without a secure, scalable alternative, the Information Age will grind to a halt. Currently, no solution exists for securing communications in a post-quantum computer world. That’s why Qubitekk is developing quantum cryptographic solutions that can authenticate and guarantee the integrity of wired and wireless communications, regardless of computational advances. The technology leverages the unique properties of quantum mechanics and the inherent randomness of the universe to provide tamper proof security.