Quantum Information Science (QIS) has its roots in information theory, which recognizes that all information has some sort of physical manifestation. It follows that the creation, manipulation, transmission, and detection of information must be consistent with the laws of physics. When information is encoded into quantum systems, it must obey the laws of quantum physics. This gives rise to quantum applications and technologies, which rely on quantum phenomena to facilitate information tasks that out-perform their classical counterparts in some way.

In the coming decade, many new type of quantum technology will emerge that will change the way we understand the universe and overcome long-standing problems. Quantum information science solutions related to quantum sensing, computing, and communication (essentially all the things that can be done with information) will be instrumental in achieving these goals. Qubitekk’s existing and future line of products will help quantum engineers create these new solutions.

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of entangled photon sources and state measurement systems, Qubitekk’s physicists and engineers have many decades of experience developing, manufacturing, and characterizing the performance of quantum devices. Qubitekk routinely leverages this expertise in building new products and in developing custom solutions for our research partners and customers. For national security related projects, Qubitekk can provide a development team consisting exclusively of US citizens with US-only manufacturing and assembly operations. Leveraging our proprietary quantum technology and experienced team, Qubitekk looks forward to enabling tomorrow’s quantum solutions.


Reliable and compact transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc. were required before complex circuit boards could be developed. In the same way, reliable, rugged, and compact quantum components are required to develop complex quantum computing and communication systems. Qubitekk has developed a quantum product line designed to be mixed, matched, and integrated. Our quantum components are designed to be configurable and easily integrated by engineers developing new quantum solutions. With guaranteed performance specifications and consistent production quality, we strive to provide reliable quantum components needed to drive the emerging quantum industry.