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QKD for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

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Quantum DataLoc™ Key Server 1570nm – Qubitekk’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system provides cutting-edge channel security while greatly simplifying the generation, maintenance, and distribution of encryption keys used on an ICS network. A set-and-forget hardware solution, Qubitekk’s QKD solution offers enhanced OT network security with little to no impact on operations. Qubitekk’s product was developed specifically for the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) community and is the only quantum encryption solution to use quantum entangled photons to deliver simple, secure, and maintainable security.

Qubitekk’s stand-alone quantum transmitters and receivers communicate using traditional SMF-28e optical fibers. An RS232 serial interface supports the transfer of keys between the Quantum Transceiver and a compatible third-party network switch or customized encryption equipment.

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    SKU: QBTK004
    • Embedded polarization-entangled photon source
    • QKD transmitter and receiver
    • Polarization stabilization
    • Timing and key retrieval electronics
    • Fiber connected
    • USB integration with 3rd party devices

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