The Quantum Grid Initiative

INITIATIVE OVERVIEW  This initiative is a follow-on effort to commercialize quantum key distribution technology developed for the U.S. Department of Energy specifically for securing critical infrastructure networks. As the R&D institution behind this technology, Qubitekk is seeking utility and industry partners interested in participating in a cost-shared field trial program in 2018 – 2019.
Download your application form here: Quantum Grid Initiative Application


Quantum Key Distribution is a new technology that protects data integrity while simultaneously detecting eavesdropping. The system consists of transceivers that share “entangled photons” that are protected by the laws of quantum physics against undetected tampering. By leveraging these “tamper-indicating” photons, encryption keys and authentication codes can be generated and distributed securely over unprotected channels. By eliminating complex key infrastructure systems and maintenance, this solution simplifies cybersecurity for grid communications and industrial control system networks.


Investigate, install, and own the next generation of cyber-security technology. Ensure your operational requirements are understood and addressed through feedback to technology developers. Highlight your organization’s involvement in advancing new technology for long-term grid security.


1) Help bridge the gap between R&D and commercialization by enlisting early adopters in  product
development and controlled roll-out
2) Quantify technology performance and understand integration issues
3) Expose quantum key distribution technology to utility users and stakeholders
4) Acquire data on the benefits of quantum technology for grid security and reliability


1) Have dark fiber that can be used in field test.
2) Purchase the Quantum Key Distribution equipment.
3) Complete all preparation for the system installation.
4) Provide periodic feedback to the sponsors and researchers.

A limited number of Quantum DataLocä systems are available for the field trials.
Level 1 Partnerships are available on a first-come first-serve basis.
Click here to download the application form: Quantum Grid Initiative Application Please submit your application form to or fax to +1-760-599-5101