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Quantum mechanics seeks to understand the true nature of particles and energy. How can particles be both waves and discrete particles at different times? How can a single photon be in two places simultaneously? These are but a few of the questions that quantum theory has answered. Its development over the last century represents one of Science’s greatest achievements. It has also resulted in a growing disconnect between the theoretical aspects of quantum mechanics and the real-world applications of this exciting new science.

Qubitekk is working to close this gap by developing quantum devices that make powerful quantum mechanical phenomena accessible to all scientists and engineers.



Quantum Mechanics Lab Kit

Qubitekk’s Quantum Mechanics Lab Kit gives you the tools to explore and more deeply understand quantum physics. Suitable for both classroom instruction and R&D, this kit includes all of the equipment and instructions needed to perform seven fundamental experiments in quantum mechanics. Based on Qubitekk’s zero alignment quantum sources and fiber optic components, these experiments can be set up quickly and each completed within a traditional 2-3 hour lab period. A detailed lab handbook, written at the senior undergraduate level (for physics and engineering), is included to provide a self-guided tour to the amazing phenomena of quantum physics.
Priced at $49,900; Qubitekk is now accepting orders.


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Coincidence Counter

Coincidence Counter


Qubitekk’s 2-channel Coincidence Counter provides researchers with a low cost solution for nanosecond resolution coincidence counting. A third gating channel makes the counter suitable for use with pulsed sources. By providing open source firmware and FPGA code, users can also reconfigure this device for a variety of applications. (Open source code and manuals will soon be available online).
Priced at $599.






Precision Fiber Optic BeamSplitter and Cables

Quantum optics experiments and technologies require tight tolerances on polarization maintenance and crosstalk. Traditional fiber optic products do not generally meet these higher standards. To better serve the quantum R&D market, Qubitekk is developing a line of fiber optic beamsplitters and patchcords with zero polarization dispersion, less than 0.05° polarization rotation for mated connectors, optical fiber lengths accurate to less than a millimeter, and fiber device optimized for many of the wavelengths commonly encountered in quantum optics.


Quantum Sensor Development Kit

Sensors that utilize quantum entangled photons are capable of achieving measurement resolutions well below classical limits. With applications ranging from GPS-denied global positioning to ultra-high-resolution optical imaging, these quantum-enhanced sensors will enable many of tomorrow’s high-tech products. To help engineers better understand and utilize quantum sensing devices, Qubitekk is developing a Quantum Sensor Development Kit that contains PCB-mountable entangled photon sources, interferometers, and signal photon counting detectors.