Quantum mechanics seeks to understand the true nature of particles and energy. How can particles be both waves and discrete particles at different times? How can a single photon be in two places simultaneously? These are but a few of the questions that quantum theory has answered. Its development over the last century represents one of Science’s greatest achievements. It has also resulted in a growing disconnect between the theoretical aspects of quantum mechanics and the real-world applications of this exciting new science.

Qubitekk is working to close this gap by developing quantum devices that make powerful quantum mechanical phenomena accessible to all scientists and engineers.

Products like the QES1, the first device able to produce quantum entangled photons in a product-ready, plug-n-play format. No longer the exclusive domain of highly-specialized quantum physicists, the QES1 converts laser light into pairs of entangled photons possessing the unique quantum property of non-locality, where measurements performed on one photon can be seen to have an impact on the other photon instantaneously, even though the pair might be separated by great distances.

The QES1 also makes possible the creation of photons in a superposition of states. Called qubits, these unique photons are analogous to the bits in classical computers, but instead of being values of either 0 or 1, can have values of both 0 AND 1 simultaneously. These qubits form the life-blood of tomorrow’s quantum computers and cryptographic systems.

Likewise, the QES1 Development Kit – which includes instructions for configuring and demonstrating entangled photons for various quantum cryptography, quantum computing, and quantum sensing applications – serves as an educational tool for students or research scientists into the power of quantum mechanics.


QES1 Lab Starter Kit (for Academia and Research)

QES1 Lab Starter Kit

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The QES1 Lab Starter Kit especially for Academia allows entanglement to be easily demonstrated, tested, and utilized in a variety of experiments.

Ideal for senior level undergraduate / graduate labs in quantum mechanics, as well as industry labs, the QES1 Lab Starter Kit provides all the materials and instruction needed to perform seven fundamental experiment in quantum mechanics.


Coincidence Counter

Coincidence Counter

Priced at $599, Qubitekk’s open source Coincidence Counter provides researchers with a low cost solution for flexible coincidence counting. The open source firmware and FPGA code allows users to reconfigure this device for a variety of applications.

For more information about the coincidence counter, please click here.