Department of Energy to unveil their blueprint for the US Quantum Internet

On July 23rd, 2020 the DOE announced the selection of Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) as the first DOE Quantum Center to pursue the development of a quantum internet. This $125m five-year Quantum Center Program is the first  of at least four more selection announcements the DOE will make over the coming weeks. Qubitekk is a member of the CQE and recently provided the quantum networks equipment which made the 52-mile CQE entangled communication loop a reality.  David Awschalom from the University of Chicago and Director of the CQE reported that the first two years will be dedicated to building a quantum infrastructure for the Quantum Centers.  Qubitekk is well positioned to be a primary provider for a variety of quantum equipment for the CQE and the other soon to be awarded centers. Qubitekk is also teamed with one of the National Science Foundation Quantum Institutes which was also recently awarded.

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